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Nurse Call Systems

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Epilepsy Seizure Alarms

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Blue Phone Medical Phones

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High Care Alarms

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Personal medical alarms & Nurse Call

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New Zealands Trusted Nurse Call Systems, Medical & personal Alarms

Personal Medical Alarms


Reduce concerns about your personal safety, ensure assistance is there when you need it, and allow you to remain independent in your own home

Nurse Call Systems


Comprehensive and adaptable nurse call systems that are specifically intended to monitor a wide range of needs anywhere where care and safety is paramount

High Care & Alarms


High care and customised alarms such as epileptic seizure, wander, heart beat & bed wet. Specialist  worklplace safety alarms & personal alarms.




Intorducing - HP5-3G Professional Phone - Fibre compatable!


This is a premium product offering a very affordable all in one solution for providing emergency call to ILU residents and peace of mind for village operators. The HP5 Blue Phone also incorporates propriety safety back up features called “Voice Messaging as a Back Up” and “Call Back Integrity” which are unique to Blue Phone. These will allow alarm calls to be received even when a host computer is inoperable or a carer neglects to respond to an alarm call.

Voice Messaging & Call Back Integrity

Voice Messaging as a Back-Up is an excellent back-up facility for situations where the Blue Phone is being monitored ‘On-Site’ or ‘Off -Site’. If the monitoring terminal is inactive and unable to receive an alarm call, Blue Phone will escalate the alarm and deliver the alarm call directly to the carer’s mobile or fixed land line phone. The alarm can be delivered in the form of a voice message identifying the resident, then connect the carer with the resident via Blue Phone’s 2-way loud speaker phone facility. With on site monitoring this means a village manager  does not have to worry if the site experiences a prolonged power failure or computer fault disabling the host computer. Call Back Integrity is similarly a system to ensure the organization’s‘ duty of care obligations whereby, if an alarm call is successfully received but not responded to within a predetermined time, Blue Phone will recognize this problem and will generate another alarm call. It will then escalating to the next dial up number until responded to or all dial up destinations are exhausted. Back-up dial up numbers would include voice messaging to the carer’s mobile phone or even as a last resort the 000 Emergency services. Without these two features, modern emergency call devices are simply inadequate.

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Are you worried about a Parent, Relative, Friend or Neighbour that lives alone and is not as fit and healthy as they used to be? Are they vulnerable to a fall, or to poor health, and may not be able to take care of themselves? Are you a health professional or rest home manager or nurse that worries about frail residents or your  patients well being when they are discharged and fending for themselves alone at home? If so, we have the solution for you.

The Safelife Pendant uses a cellular network technology to allow seniors make that vital call should an emergency occur. A Pendant Alarm that allows a vulnerable senior call for help, at the push of a panic button, should they fall or become unwell.

Small portable discreet unit working on the 3G mobile network including fall sensor, suits many environments. perfect for elderly, health care, nursing staff, mums, children , forestry workers, manufacturing, security , farmers, construction, backpackers, bush walkers and many more staff working alone.

Irrespective of the application being a Farmer working in the field, a lone worker in a warehouse, a contractor on site you want to keep track of, or an aged resident having absconded from safe perimeter containment or perhaps a staff member visiting domestic residents at night, this low cost, palm sized personal tracking device will identify the location of that person within approximately 15M. This is achieved by use of a combination of GPS and GSM technologies. The Safe life pendant has excellent GPS locating.

The tracker is effectively a mobile phone with inbuilt GPS satellite navigation positioning capabilities.

The Safe-Life Pendant operates by SIM card.

The SIM card with its identifiable phone number will send an SMS to up to 3 emergency contacts in the event that the SOS button is pressed.

The emergency contacts will receive the SMS “SOS HELP”.

The message can be programmed to display the name of the person.

Within this message Smart phone recipients will also receive an internet hyperlink which once opened can identify the location of the person requiring assistance within an approximate 15 meters.

The first recipient to call into the pendant will receive voice to voice communication via the pendants excellent speaker and microphone.

$499+ GST (Plus Postage)


The Safelife Pendant- Man down Duress Alarm, workplace safety alarm, lone worker alarm/ isolated / High risk worker and individual safety solution is a the most comprehensive way to protect your staff/workers and individual safety if you are worried about personal attack or safety.




Smart Caller, one of the fastest growing Nurse Call Communications companies in the New Zealand, today announced the launch of their ‘next generation’ of personal emergency alarms.

The Safe-life Pendant uses cellular network technology to allow users make that vital call should an emergency occur with the press just one button. Working anywhere in New Zealand where there is 3G cellular coverage, it not only alerts up to three different personal contacts or monitoring station by SMS that there is an emergency, but also allows location finding of the user's whereabouts using Google Maps along with voice to voice communication. Smart Caller Managing Director, Jamie Reid explains ““The technology used in the Safe-Life Pendant can be used to remotely monitor a person's welfare, enabling the correct type of assistance to be delivered in a duress situation, in a timely manner to a  known location, at a low cost”.

Unlike traditional Nurse Call technology, the Smart Caller Safe Life Pendant is not limited geographically as it does not require a landline or base station to communicate an emergency. Working off a user’s own SIM card on Spark or Vodafone 3G Cellular network, it can operate in the home, in a warehouse, at the shopping mall or even in a farmers field . It is weather proof, lightweight and easily worn or carried with the included lanyard. Providing greater independence for the elderly is what the pedant was designed for says Reid “We find that elderly have been afraid to leave the security of their houses as traditional technology kept them within a range of roughly 50 meters of a base station should they ever need help. Our Safe-Life pendant offers true independence, giving the users freedom to go out and explore with the knowledge that they have the security and safety of the pendant with them, and carers know they can be located easily if there are any issues”.

Utilizing GPS/GPRS/GSM technology, the Safe-Life pendant has location finding features which can be invaluable for elderly who tend to wander. At any time, the Safe-Life pendant can be located by the emergency contacts, so if a user has gone missing, their exact location can be found within seconds. Similarly, it also uses the GPS/GPRS/GSM functionality for Geo Fencing. When the Geo Fencing feature is activated, the pendant creates an invisible fence around the predetermined area, say a house for instance. Should the Safe-Life pendant detect it has moved into or out of a Geo Fenced area, it will alert the emergency contacts. An invaluable technology for people that struggle relatives with dementia or employers that want to contain or exclude employees or contractors from certain areas. “We have all heard the stories in the news of elderly or infirm wandering away from home and it taking days to find them. With our pendants, you will never hear about these stories again as users can be identified and located immediately” Reid says.

The Safe-Life pendant technology also integrates accelerometers that can detect a user having a fall. Fall detection plays a crucial role in saving the life of elderly, with 1 in 3 over the age of 65 having a significant fall annually. The fact that falls often lead to the loss of consciousness and users may not be able to manually press the SOS button, the Safe-Life pendant has been designed to react automatically alerting emergency contacts it the device senses a fall.  Being waterproof, the Safe-Life pendant can serve its purpose in bathrooms where most elderly fall accidents occur.

Irrespective of the application being a farmer working in the field, a lone worker in a warehouse, a contractor on a worksite, or an aged resident having absconded from a rest home, this low cost, palm sized personal alarm & location finding device is set to revolutionise the Aged Care and Health & Safety industries. “We have already sold multiple units to emergency services. They immediately saw the advantages of being able to track the wearers in high risk situations, and also have the wearers able to contact their commanders if they are in trouble” says Reid.

Primarily directed at the Aged Care industry, Smart Caller sees this product transcending across industries Reid explains, “We have a new and assistive technology that can reach out to almost any part of the main populations centres of New Zealand at a cost of less than $400+gst per unit with no ongoing costs other than topping up the SIM card. The added Health & Safety value to Rest Homes and carers being able to improve independence, provide security and save lives is immeasurable ”



New Technology


‘BlueLine-Wireless’ is a premium quality long-range and inexpensive Wireless Nurse-Call and Emergency-Call System.

It has been designed and configured to specifically suit the overall Aged Care, Healthcare and OH&S requirements. This includes Retirement Villages, RACF (Residential Aged Care Facilities), Hospitals and Medical Centers. As such the system requires absolutely no infrastructure cabling and therefore offers ultimate flexibility and portability.

The latest Smart Caller Technology has enhanced wireless nursecall systems to extend from what was once only an 80m range to now extend up to 2km and potentially beyond. The allowable increased radiated power and other special features of this special frequency band results in extremely long range and  reliable performance

Click here to learn more about long range wireless nurse call systems



‘BLUE-PHONE HP4’ to Replace 'HP3'

Having previously designed and manufactured the three prior generations of the HP series Emergency-Call Telephones, the Staff and Management of Smart-Caller are pleased to announce the release of the fourth generation of this highly successful product; it being the HP4 ‘Blue-Phone’.

Continuing our 25 years of designing and manufacturing HP (Help-Phone) products here in Australia this latest ‘Blue-Phone’ product enjoys the benefits of latest technology and continues to maintain our enviable reputation as being the sole manufacturer of an ‘AS4607/AS2999 STANDARDS COMPLIANT’ Emergency-Call telephone instrument.

In fact this product sets a pace well beyond those standards. Accordingly ‘Blue-Phones’ have been the standard Emergency-Call product of the discerning Retirement Village operator and have proven to satisfy the NBN and similar Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) installations. In fact this new model includes a SIM card holder facility planned to allow the optional retrofit inclusion of a GSM communication back-up path for which NBN management have complimented us on our foresight.

Why is ‘Blue-Phone’ Personal Medical alarm so popular? Perhaps it’s because it looks and operates like a normal modern and attractively designed telephone whilst also being a highly featured but subtle and inconspicuous emergency-call facility with some unique back-up facilities. With its 48 wireless inputs plus hard-wired connections and massive range of remote programming options it will accommodate every conceivable requirement both initially and as may predictably be required in the future. Simply enable the facilities that are required from time to time including the comprehensive but easy to operate home security, fire intrusion, duress and similar home care facilities.







Pricing starts at $565 + gst for the base model. Enquire now!


The future of Nurse Call Systems is here now!

Blueline IP Nurse Call System

In Australia and New Zealand almost 10 times more Aged Care Facilities are undergoing expansion plans, than there are plans for new facilities. New facilities enjoy the benefit of new technology – but clients with existing systems can now also enjoy the benefit of the latest technology through installation of a Smart Caller BlueLine-IP system. 

This system ‘captures’ the existing old nurse call system, and turns it into a modern and future-proof Internet Protocol (IP) system. This can be achieved immediately or in due course and with almost no cabling costs and in most cases without the need to change existing working call points. 

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Services We Provide...

  • Personal Medical Alarm - Blue Phone

  • Nurse Call Systems

  • High Care Alarms & devices

  • Custom Design Nurse Call Systems on request

We are proud to offer nurse call systems and healthcare communication solutions to monitor a wide range of medical needs.

We are New Zealand wide and can offer 'off the shelf' or custom solutions to work within your budgets and/or requirements.

Why Work With Smart Caller NZ?

Smart Caller has been offering solutions to the Aged-Care sector for over 30 years as nurse call and emergency call specialist and are now extremely pleased to offer those same solutions to the general public.

Our equipment can be found in hopsitals, rest homes, aged care facilities, hostels, work places and private residences across Australasia with a customer base of over 2000 clients.  

Smart Caller is New Zealands leading provider of one-stop Healthcare communications solutions, providing professional consultation and high quality solutions that meet or exceed AU/NZ relevant standards.