It was Friday close of business, it had been a long day and the old emergency call system was unable to function for our weekend nurse cover arrangements.  I had earlier telephoned SmartCaller and asked them for assistance and now was the crunch time.  If ever a company deserved a good recommendation it was the point when the SmartCaller technician pulled up out the front.  He stayed and fixed our problem well exceeding our expectations for a solution to the failure.   I am so impressed with the service delivery of this company and their staff that I have no hesitation in singing their praises.  We put our trust in them and they delivered as promised.

Geoff Rooke

Village Manager


Craigcare would like to thank Smart-Caller for its excellent and highly professional services and accordingly we would have no hesitation in recommending Smart Caller to any other personal care company. It is indeed rare to find a supplier capable of fully understanding and demonstrating absolute priority in assisting us professional care providers to meet our duty of care objectives. Smart Caller does exactly that. That company's staff went above and beyond the call of duty during the recent upgrades at our facilities. Although it may sound dramatic, a top quality emergency call system can be the difference between life and death and thanks to Smart Caller we not only have a state of the art system that gives our clients peace of mind, but it was installed swiftly and cost effectively.

With so many sites, we are always looking to provide the best possible level of care whilst keeping our costs manageable. Smart Caller has been an invaluable ally in our quest to achieve these objectives. Its companies like Smart Caller that allows us to strive for better quality of life for our clients whilst also lifting the burden of weight from our shoulders.

Smart Caller should be the first point of call for anyone, corporate or private looking to install an emergency call bell or monitoring system that is state of the art, reliable and cost effective. Smart Caller is the type of company you want to deal with and we look forward to having a long and prosperous partnership with that Company.

Fifi Schirripa
Customer Liaison Manager, Craigcare



Hello John,

My name is Lorraine.

You installed a seizure monitor and Smart Caller Blue Medical phone to my bed, I am writing to tell let you know it is working well and I am very happy with it.

It has given me piece of mind every night when I go to bed knowing that help is not far away if it's needed. Which it has been three times on each occasion the Blue Phone alerted my family within minutes and they were around my place straight away.

My family is glad I have it and has stopped worrying about me living alone.

I have been a member of several epilepsy forums on the Internet and have told others about it.

I wasn't surprised that nobody had heard of them before, as I hadn't, and they were glad to find out they exist. The only alternative they knew of was seizure alert dogs which not everyone can or do have.

I only found out about the monitors and Blue Phone out of pure desperation at the thought of living alone. I thought with technology today there must be something that can detect excess movement. At first I couldn't find anything and was looking for someone who could adapt their existing system to my needs.

May I suggest that you do some advertising on some epilepsy sites. It would be so helpful to so many. Not only the person with epilepsy but to their family and carers.

Thank you again and if you wish you may use this testimonial to advertise your wonderful product



My name is Phyllis Stringer in my eighty's and living alone

Having suffered my first nasty fall whilst alone and having watched the effects of bush fires (one having completely destroyed the house across the lane) I had constant cause for concern - that is until I installed my Smart-Caller emergency call telephone.

The combination of the Blue-Phone and the superb services of INS Lifeguard monitoring subsequently proved to be a lifesaving combination, it meanwhile also gave me peace of mind as I walked around my house and garden with my trusty pendant.

I commend those companies for the excellent service they provide to the aged community.

Phyllis Stringer


Good afternoon

I know I've been telling you I was going to write you a letter to let you know how great I think Smart-Caller is, so here it is, finally have five minutes.

As you know from our meeting we had smart caller installed in 2008, we are a 24hr facility so monitoring residents needs and movement is extremely important to us.

The ease of use this system provides is fantastic, as you know we are mostly high care residents so there well being and safety is of the utmost importance to us. The adaptability of the system to be able to interface with a variety of other products that we use is of great benefit to use we use floor sensor mats, bed alarms, chair alarms and radio pendants, this is something we could never achieved have with our old system.

We have also used Smart-Caller in our accreditation process. Acquiring reports to let the auditors have a look at our staff response time to residents needs.

Yours Sincerely,

Rena Newman

Facility Manager