The EMFIT Safe-bed is the first alarm that detects both the person’s tonic-clonic seizures which occur in bed and the person’s bed-exit with the same sensor. New, patented sensor technology detects all of a person’s movements while distinguishing normal movements from seizures with muscle jerkings.

EMFIT Safe-bed also notices the presence and absence of a person. It alarms when the person has the clonic phase of a tonic-clonic seizure and/or when the person leaves the bed and does not return within a preset time. It has an audible alarm with adjustable volume. It easily connects to either a nurse call system or medical alarm such as the Smart Caller Blue-Phone.

EMIT Epileptic Seizure Alarm is class 1 medical device. It has been tested and is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. 




EMFIT in Finland has extended its range of product by introducing a Safe-Bed controller to reliably monitor a resident while in bed. The Safe-Bed has been specifically designed for residents who cannot summon for help.

The Safe-Bed is unobtrusive and simply constantly monitors a resident’s respiration and heart beat from under the bed sheet. When these vital body signs are not detected by a resident leaving or falling out of bed the controller will send an alarm…

It has an adjustable bed exit delay from 3 seconds to 60 minutes. An audible alarm with volume control will activate if the resident does not return within the preset time. If they do return to bed within the preset time the controller will return back to its monitoring state without alarming.

The controller has an output that can be integrated into any nurse call system, including the Smart Caller nurse call systems and Blue Phone Medical Alarm to alarm the floor staff that a resident could be in a duress situation. Unlike other body weight switch mats the EMFIT sensor has no particular weight limits, the system is sensitive enough to monitor both adults and small children from under the mattress. As EMFIT sensors are one, unitary, flexible and durable thin laminate we offer a two year manufacturers warranty (conditions apply).

The sensor is completely safe it has no imbedded wires or power passing through it and complies with the TGA certification standards.

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