Workplace Safety Alarms








Do you work alone, in a potentially hazardous environment or work with heavy machinery? Compliance with Health and Safety in the workplace is critical, particularly for certain high risk occupations or workplaces such as;

  • Industrial or other settings where heavy machinery is used
  • Staff working shifts either alone or with skeleton staff
  • Those employed in remote or isolated locations
  • High care environments such as prisons, psychiatric facilities etc.
  • Staff duress
  • Hospitality, Forestry, Agriculture, Manufacturing & Pilots

Smart Caller provides devices that can be carried on their persons and in the event of an emergency they can quickly and easily activate to effectively summon prompt assistance to their location. Ideal for staff safety in manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare & high care environs

  • If duress occurs, staff press button to activate alarm and location
  • Activated via worn pendant
  • Door exit and wandering alerts available
  • Transmits emergency text with location via SMS to contacts or monitoring

In addition to custom alarms, we have affordable 'off the shelf' solutions for

workplace safety alarms

The Safelife - Man down Duress Alarm, workplace safety, lone worker / isolated / High risk worker and individual safety solution is a the most comprehensive way to protect your staff/workers and individual safety if you are worried about personal attack or safety.

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