Safe-Life Workplace Safety Alarms

Ensuring that every worker returns home safely at the end of a hard day's work is an employer's most basic responsibility. Safelife Pendants are a solution that allows you to do just that. It pairs the latest communication technology with industry leading emergency designed applications to deliver a worker safety solution unprecedented in New Zealand.

The workplace safety alarm & tracker is effectively a mobile phone with inbuilt GPS satellite navigation positioning capabilities.

The Safe-Life Pendant operates by SIM card.

The SIM card with its identifiable phone number will send an SMS to up to 3 emergency contacts in the event that the SOS button is pressed.

The emergency contacts will receive the SMS “SOS HELP”.

The message can be programmed to display the name of the person.

Within this message Smart phone recipients will also receive an internet hyperlink which once opened can identify the location of the person requiring assistance within an approximate 15 meters.

The first recipient to call into the pendant will receive voice to voice communication via the pendants excellent speaker and microphone.

Location Finding - If you're caring for a person that may wander, trying to locate a contractor onsite or even track a lone worker- simply text 'Loc' (for locate) anytime and the Safe Life Pendant will respond by returning an SMS with the user's location. This SMS  will contain the Google Maps link, simply tapping the link will display the location of the wanderer on Google Maps.

GEO FENCE - You can set three GEO Fences so if a person enters or leaves an area, the persons monitoring the units will be notified by SMS of GEO Fence being broken. Great for keeping contractors out of restricted areas, or knowing if someone wanders out a house door they are not supposed to.

FALLS DETECTION - Includes Falls Detection with 10 second delay to cancel for false alarms.

RECEIVING AND MAKING A NORMAL PHONE CALL - Call into the Safe Life Pendant anytime and the incoming call can be answered by the user pressing the SOS button momentarily. Press and hold the discreet side call button to make a normal phone call to the first emergency contact.

OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE - Professional Monitoring Option, Movement and Over Speed Alarm.  Password Protection.

EASY TO PROGRAM - Simply program the Safe Life Pendant by texting commands from any mobile phone. Easy to follow instructions. Click here for instruction manual.

Works in the home or wherever you are providing you have 3G cellular coverage. Please contact your network provider to confirm coverage in your area. Tested & Works with Spark 3g & Vodafone 3G - Check your local provider for your 3G coverage area.

This model can also be monitored by a professional 24/7 monitoring service.

We truly believe this is New Zealand’s Best Workplace Safety Alarm

High risk activities where the Safelife Pendant is presently used:

  • Working at heights
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Carers
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Real Estate inspections
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Working with electricity
  • Working with hazardous substances or materials
  • With hazardous equipment such as chainsaws or firearms
  • With materials at great pressure
  • With the public, where there is a potential for violence

Please speak to the Smart Caller sales team for further information. Click here for a flyer.


COST: $399 + gst per Single Unit with Base charging station




Smart Caller, one of the fastest growing Nurse Call Communications companies in the New Zealand, have announced the launch of their ‘next generation’ Workplace Safety Alarms.

The Safe-life Pendant uses cellular network technology to allow users make that vital call should an emergency occur with the press just one button. Working anywhere in New Zealand where there is 3G cellular coverage, it not only alerts up to three different personal contacts or monitoring station by SMS that there is an emergency, but also allows location finding of the user's whereabouts using Google Maps along with voice to voice communication. Smart Caller Managing Director, Jamie Reid explains “The technology used in the Safe-Life Pendant can be used to remotely monitor a person's welfare, enabling the correct type of assistance to be delivered in a duress situation, in a timely manner to a  known location, at a low cost.

The Smart Caller Safe Life Pendant is not limited geographically as it does not require a landline or base station to communicate an emergency. Working off a SIM card on Spark or Vodafone 3G Cellular network, it can operate in an office, in a warehouse, at the shopping mall or even in a farmers field. This provides significant advantage over existing lone worker, man down or duress alarms in the workplace as existing technology is typically static mounted call points or radio pendants that must be within range of a base station to work. The Safe Life pendant, when activated in an emergency sends an automated “Help me” SOS SMS to all emergency contacts with time and location details within the message. Additionally if required, the pendant has a selectable feature to automatically initiate voice to voice communications to the primary contact via an inbuilt high powered speaker and microphone as part of the ‘Help me” emergency response protocol. At approximately half the price of a basic radio call system or modern cell phone, the Safe Life pendant is extremely economical, completely mobile, weather proof, lightweight, easily worn or carried with the included lanyard allowing the users total freedom of range.

Utilizing GPS/GPRS/GSM technology, the Safe-Life pendant has location finding features which can be invaluable for keeping track of employees. At any time, the Safe-Life pendant can be located by the emergency contacts, so if an employee has absconded or not reported in, their exact location can be found within seconds. Similarly, it also uses the GPS/GPRS/GSM functionality for Geo Fencing. When the Geo Fencing feature is activated, the pendant creates an invisible fence around the predetermined area, say a warehouse for instance. Should the Safe-Life pendant detect it has moved into or out of a Geo Fenced area, it will alert the emergency contacts. An invaluable technology for people that want to contain or exclude employees or contractors from certain areas.

The Safe-Life pendant technology also integrates altimeters & accelerometers that can detect a user having a fall. Fall detection plays a crucial role in saving the lives of those working at heights. The fact is that falls often lead to the loss of consciousness and users may not be able to manually press the SOS button. The Safe-Life pendant has been designed to react automatically alerting emergency contacts it the device senses a fall. “We see contractors working at heights in high risk situations, often isolated or working alone. Should something go wrong, the reality is, people are only alerted if they hear the calls for help or they accidentally find the unconscious person. With the Safe-Life pendant, employers or emergency contacts immediately know something has happened and can dispatch help” say Reid.


Maximising the full use of the technology, the Safe Life pendant has other built in standard features including over speed alerts and movement detection. When the pendant detects moving at speeds faster than what has been programed, the pendant silently responds to the emergency contacts by SMS the pendants time, location and speed. The same technology can be used for movement detection, with either a no movement alarm, or a movement alarm. The Movement feature has been applied to vehicles when owners have wanted to monitor their use silently, detecting unauthorised use triggering a movement alarm, or alternatively if a vehicle has not moved for a period of time.

Irrespective of the application being a farmer working in the field, a lone worker in a warehouse, a contractor on a worksite or security personnel in high risk duress situations, this low cost, palm sized personal alarm & location finding device is set to revolutionise the Health & Safety industry. “We have already sold multiple units to emergency services. They immediately saw the advantages of being able to track the wearers in high risk situations, and also have the wearers able to contact their commanders if they are in trouble” says Reid.

Smart Caller sees this product transcending across industries Reid explains, “We have a new and assistive technology that can reach out to almost any part of the main populations centres of New Zealand at a cost of less than $400+gst per unit with no ongoing costs other than topping up the SIM card. The added Health & Safety value to employers to improve independence, provide security and save lives is immeasurable