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Our Blue Phone is a Personal Medical Alarm. Working just like a normal telephone but with the added benefit of assisting in a medical or an event where help is required. It is the perfect companion for those that may are generally capable of living alone, but who require extra peace of mind. BluePhone can be used as a standard home telephone, with the added advantage of having both assist and cancel buttons to use in the case of a medical event. 

Simply press either the assist button on the telephone itself, or press the button on the necklace Pendant to call for assistance. This then dials out to either family or a professional monitoring centre to dispatch assistance.

This personal medical alarm is a life saving device & assistance solution for those in aged care, independent living, senior care or simply those wanting the security of knowing there is help on hand at the click of a button.

Purchase Price for the BluePhone (HP4) Medical Alarm $565 + Gst + postage

Smart Caller Help Phone Benefits:

  • No On-going Costs

As the alarm can call directly to family or other support persons mobile phone or landline, there is the option for no professional monitoring costs. Instead of calling a monitoring centre, the alarm is sent to your family and/or friends first. Up to 8 pre-programmed family numbers are available, so if the first call is not received, it dials the second number, and continues to dial your support network until the call is responded to. This is ideal where budgets are limited, or for those who live rurally where ambulance support is some time away. It is also suitable for those with good extended family networks who prefer to receive assistance from a family member, for example, persons with English as a second language.

  • Professional Monitoring Option

If your family support network is not as strong as it once was, BluePhone can be connected to a 24 hour professional monitoring centre. There is a nominal once off set up charge, along with a small fortnightly monitoring fee for this 24 hour professional monitoring service.

  • 2-Way Voice Communication

In an emergency, the telephone ‘talks’ to the user, explaining that a call is in progress, providing personal reassurance that help is on the way.

It allows hands-free two way voice communication with the family or other support person in event of emergency via a powerful microphone, which has ability to pick up noise anywhere within a standard sized home. This basically means that the user can hear their family member and the family can hear the user, even if they are unable to physically pick up the phone. The 'very loud’ two-way speech microphone easily penetrates the house.

  • Daily OK and Medication Reminders

The phone can be set for the user to press a button each day so family know they are ok. If the button is not pressed within a certain time frame, a call will be sent to alert the family/monitoring centre.

The phone can also be programmed to announce a reminder, this can be suitable to remind the user to take medication or other daily tasks.

  • Special Features
  • Has hearing impedance loop built in for those who are hearing impaired.
  • Telephone buttons large and easy to press, ideal for those with disabilities or other physical limitations.
  • It includes within its design speed dial memories complete with spaces for you to place family photos.
  • It reminds the resident to do things that are often forgotten, such as medication or meal reminder times.
  • It’s also a talking day and time clock.
  • Back Up Features

Offers extensive back up such as; In-built battery back up in case of power failure and announces important information to the resident such as a phone being off the hook, disconnected line, power failure or when to replace the battery in the pendant.

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