Installation is simple – the telephone simply connects to your existing telephone lines. No expensive cabling or complicated radio transmitters required, in fact, it is so easy, we dispatch the phone directly to the user to install themselves without expensive installation costs.

For those who want extra peace of mind, a special mode 3 connection is available, which cuts off all phones or internet connections in the home when the alarm is pressed. This is a unique feature to the Smart Caller BluePhone, and ensures that alarm calls will be received even when there is a phone off hook or the internet is being used – ideal for regular internet users or those with more than one phone in the home An installation fee is payable for a mode 3 connection as it must be installed by a qualified technician.


If required, some service and maintenance on phones can be done remotely by our technicians, from anywhere in the world via a standard telephone call. In the unlikely event that a fault cannot be corrected remotely, the phone can be couriered directly to us for immediate replacement.

Blue Remote Pendant & Other Wireless Features

The BluePhone weather-proof pendant comes standard with every phone. It is programmed into the telephone and offers a 50 to 80 metre radius. This means it can be used in and around most homes, even in wet areas, enabling greater mobility for the user.

It also has the ability to tie into other wireless devices including wall mounted call points (standard or waterproof for wet areas) and smoke alarms. An easy to operate home security system is available, with simple pin access facility to arm and disarm.

Talking Phone and Voice Messages

BluePhone has built in pre-recorded voice messages for both the user and carer, as follows:

  • Your alarm call is in progress
  • Your alarm call has been received
  • Your alarm call was unsuccessful – please press your pendant and try again
  • Press access digit to acknowledge
  • If you are OK please press your cancel button
  • If you have taken your medication pleaser press your cancel button
  • If you have eaten, please press your cancel button
  • Warning, the telephone line is disconnected or you have a phone off the hook
  • The device you are using needs a new battery
  • The system is switched on
  • Your security system is switched on
  • Your security system is switched off