Do you have a question about your personal medical alarm? Here is some helpful advice

• How does Blue Phone work if I choose the self monitoring option?
When the alarm call is pressed, either on the phone or the pendant, it will call your first family member. Blue Phone waits for the person to answer the phone.

When the phone is answered and the person acknowledges the call by pressing the # key, the phone automatically kicks in to two-way voice communication. This means that both the user and carer can hear each other, whether or not the user has picked up the phone. A discussion can begin about how urgent the situation is, and if an ambulance is required, the carer can arrange it. If the user is unable to speak, the carer will know it is serious and immediately dispatch assistance.

If the phone call to the first family member is not acknowledged, Blue Phone will call the second family member, and so on through the remaining programmed numbers, until someone has responded to the call.

If for any reason it has cycled through all the numbers and no-one has responded, Blue Phone will talk to the user and tell them “Your call has not been received. Please press your help button again’.

• How does it work if I want Blue Phone to be monitored professionally?
When the alarm call is pressed, either on the phone or the pendant, it will call through to the monitoring centre.

From here, it is up to each individual to discuss with the monitoring centre what they would like to happen. However, in most cases, the following steps will occur:

1. Monitoring centre calls the user.
2. If the user answers, they discuss the situation and what needs to happen.
3. If they can’t get hold of the user, they will call an ambulance, or whoever the client has suggested they contact first, could be a family/friend or doctor.

• What happens if there is a power cut?
Blue Phone has a battery back up – in fact, Blue Phone will even announce a voice message to let you know the power has gone off! The battery is operational for up to 80 to 100 hours.

• Both my husband and I need extra peace of mind – can we have more than one pendant?
Yes, although the Blue Phone comes standard with one pendant, however, Blue Phone can have as many extra pendants as you need, which can simply be programmed in, either by yourself, or remotely by one of our technicians.

• Is Blue Phone WINZ approved?
The Blue Phone (known by WINZ by its technical name, the HP3) has been approved for WINZ accreditation, providing that it is used in conjunction with a provided Monitored Medical Alarm provider. For a list of recommended monitoring companies who are familiar with the Blue Phone, please contact us. Please note that WINZ accreditation is currently not available for customers who choose the self monitoring option.

• How much is Blue Phone and where do I buy it?
The current Regular Retail price for Blue Phone is $560 plus postage. You can buy the phone online by clicking here, otherwise, please contact us to speak to one of our friendly team.

• I have a Blue Phone but no longer wish to have it self monitored. Can I switch to professional monitoring?
Yes, you can switch between self monitoring or professional monitoring as your needs require. Please contact us for more information.

• I know that installation should be easy, but I am having difficulty programming the Blue Phone on my own.

We will be happy to arrange for a technician to install the phone for you for a fee. Please contact us and we will provide you with details of a technician in your area.

• I have installed the Blue Phone, and it isn’t working.

You may wish to check your instruction manual to make sure you have completed all the necessary installation steps – often the error can be as simple as switching the phone to ‘on’. If you are still having difficulty, feel free to contact us, and we will arrange for you to speak to a technician.