Blue Line IP Nurse Call System


In Australia and New Zealand almost 10 times more Aged Care Facilities are undergoing expansion plans, than there are plans for new facilities. New facilities enjoy the benefit of new technology – but clients with existing systems can now also enjoy the benefit of the latest technology through installation of a Smart Caller BlueLine-IP system.

This system ‘captures’ the existing old nurse call system, and turns it into a modern and future-proof Internet Protocol (IP) system. This can be achieved immediately or in due course and with almost no cabling costs and in most cases without the need to change existing working call points.

The benefits of using Internet Protocol technology includes extremely fast, both-way data and speech communication via a ‘Mission Critical’ path or Local Area Network (LAN)

Having plug packs and cables around a Resident or Patient’s bed can also be a thing of the past. Cables can now be avoided with BlueLine-IP by adding a wireless input into the call-point. This allows Cordless Dementia Management including:

—  Out of Bed                 

—  Out of room

—  Bed-wet (Enuresis)

—  Ensuite Entry

—  Ensuite Overstay

—  Pacing

BlueLine-IP also has the ability to deliver commands to operate other equipment such as:-

—  CCTV Cameras

—  Doors

—  Lights

—  Alarm Alerts

—  Environmental Temperature Controls

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