Long Range Wireless Nurse Call Systems

‘BlueLine-Wireless’ is a premium quality long-range and inexpensive Wireless Nurse-Call and Emergency-Call System.

It has been designed and configured to specifically suit the overall Aged Care, Healthcare and OH&S requirements. This includes Retirement Villages, RACF (Residential Aged Care Facilities), Hospitals and Medical Centers. As such the system requires absolutely no infrastructure cabling and therefore offers ultimate flexibility and portability.

The system is available as either a comprehensive computer based system or as a computerless facility the latter using preprogrammed ‘canned text messages’ to the mobile and fixed display devices. A significant benefit of all ‘BlueLine-Wireless’ systems is their deployment of an approved and highly recommended narrow band UHF wireless channel/s. It features long range two-way supervised communication assisted by Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) capabilities should the network detect interference.

The allowable increased radiated power and other special features of this special frequency band results in extremely long range and reliable performance. A transmitting distance beyond 2Km is possible. By comparison, existing medical and security devices using traditional 304MHz band have typically an 80M free space range. Similarly the widely used WiFi Wireless Access Points are typically limited to 30M. However, the site’s WiFi Network should not be deployed for this mission critical application under interpretation of Clause 2.2 (Entitled Independence) of the Australian Nurse Call Standard AS/NZ3811.

The long range and communication reliability of the ‘BlueLine-Wireless’ system is also reinforced by the frequency band isolation from other wireless systems deployed on or near the site and its ability to carry out controlled Frequency Hopping to avoid radio interference.


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