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Our range of products includes hard wired, hard wired with infrared, wireless nurse call systems and telephone based systems. All operate differently, and the best one for your care environment will depend on your individual needs.


All our systems work on the same basic principle. Each works as follows;

  • The emergency button on call point/phone is pressed
  • The message is sent to central equipment
  • The central equipment decodes the message
  • The call is transmitted to staff
  • Message is then sent and displayed via the following options;
    • Personal pager
    • Digital display panel
    • Telephone based systems
    • Computer screen (computer based only)
    • Dect phone (computer based only)
    • Printer

Computer Options

All of our systems are available with or without a computer. In today’s modern technology, most people will consider a computer based option, ideal to monitor calls made and provide reporting. However, smaller environments or those on a limited budget may not require such advanced features, so a system without a computer may be more suitable.

Computer Based

  • Connecting your system to a computer is ideal for those requiring advanced logging and reporting
  • Provides essential back up for ethical or legal issues
  • Options for dos or windows based software
  • Features include
    • Medical records can be kept for each resident
    • Medical events are logged and available for reporting, saving or printing
  • Computer can communicate with and log events from all of the following;
    • Call points
    • Door monitors/door entry
    • CCTV
    • Fire/smoke alarms
    • Wander alert
    • Dementia and enuresis
    • Gas sensors
    • Also able to interface with other systems

Computer Less

  • Ideal for those on a budget who do not require logging or reporting features
  • Suitable only for establishments of up to 100 call points
  • Can be upgraded to computer based system at any time in future
    • Computer simply plugs in to existing system

Lets chat

If you're interested in Nursecall solutions, we'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to place an order, or just need more information, simply give us a call on 0800 762 782, visit our contact us page, or email support@smartcaller.co.nz and we'll be in touch shortly.