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Smart Caller has solutions for hard-wired nurse call systems as well as wireless nurse call systems. Why not get in touch and find out what nursecall solution works best for your facility.

Hard-wired Nurse Call System Features

Hard-wired means exactly that – using cables underground and in-wall to connect your system. This is more labour intensive process initially, but is a reliable method and highly recommended as suitable for any new construction, but also available for refurbishments where required.

  • Ideal for large facilities or new installations
  • Capable of handling wireless inputs anytime in future
  • Ability to add over bed two-way voice communication
  • Little or no ongoing maintenance costs
  • Is self polling i.e. tests itself regularly
  • Option to install infra-red receivers to pin point staff or resident locations

Wireless Nurse Call System Features

Our wireless nurse call systems use radio waves and batteries to transmit emergency calls within a certain area. A much simpler and often more cost effective installation than hard wired, this is an ideal option for those requiring additions to existing facilities where cabling is impractical.

  • Uses radio waves, reducing installation costs and the need for cabling
    • Has a radio frequency of 304 and 433 mghz. These frequencies are specifically set aside for the security and medical industries
    • Low ongoing maintenance costs – so simple, you can even choose to maintain yourself to save costs
  • Wireless systems come with a 5 year battery life, with low battery warning
  • Has a Watchdog and Backup Path – if computer fails all emergency calltraffic is bypassed through to staff pagers
  • Has the ability to accommodate security, fire and access control systems
  • Capability of adding extra features in future at low cost