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Leasing a medical alarm has never been easier. Smart Caller are pleased to be able to offer these amazing life saving alarms at affordable rates.

The Blue Phone Alarm is more than just a telephone. The phone is a state-of-the-art personal emergency response system.

Safety and independence are two of the most important aspects of life for the elderly. Seniors want to be on their own and to live in their own homes in New Zealand. They also don't want to be a burden to their loved ones. With the Smart Caller Blue Phone, seniors can remain independent while feeling safe and secure.

Blue Phone features include:

  • High-quality, two-way voice
  • Water proof pendant
  • Activity monitoring
  • Daily reminders
  • Rechargeable backup battery
  • Easy integration

The Blue Phone is easy-to-use and designed to create a more secure and convenient environment. It features a cordless emergency response pendant, high quality speaker phone, automatic alert dialing, plus single button speed-dials and a reminder capability. You have the ability to select the type of respondent service you desire, whether it be friends, family, loved ones or monitoring company.


Features Include:

  • Visual ringing
  • Memory keys
  • Large backlit keypad
  • Answer telephone with pendant
  • Handset and speaker phone volume controls
  • Ringer pitch and volume control
  • Hearing aid compatible handset

Should someone fall or become ill, he or she can press the alert button on the phone itself or press the pendant that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. It immediately goes into the emergency mode. The phone itself will make an alarm sound, dial and ring your preferred emergency contacts.

Lease a medical alert phone

If you would like to lease one of the amazing phones for as little as $1+gst per day, please email or call 0800 762 782